Model Agencies

Model agencies vary in size and some specialize in certain areas such as fashion, glamour and children. A model agency will help to promote models on their books and find them assignments as well as develop their future career. For every client who hires a model through the agency, the agency will receive a commission.

Bookers are the main people in a model agency and it is important for a model to have a good working relationship with their booker. The booker looks after a model's career and aims to get the best fees and assignments for the model. They also help with advice and other areas but a booker will look after a number of different models and their time may be restricted at busy times.

Models normally work exclusively for one model agency and it is vital that both the model agency and model work well together for long term success. There are some disreputable or scam agencies in operation today and it is vital to research the model agency or agencies to ensure they are reputable before approaching them for work.

Contact details for Model agencies (members of the Association of Model Agents) can be found in the Model Directory.