Health, Beauty and Exercise

To become a model and stay successful once you are established, it is important to maintain a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise. This will not only bring out your natural beauty but it will also make you feel happier and more confident. Modelling can be stressful and sometimes it can require a great deal of stamina and concentration. By eating a healthy well balanced diet and exercising regularly, these challenges and others will be met more easily.

A healthy balanced diet is one where your body receives the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates for your needs to maintain your body shape and keep your skin, hair and nails in a healthy condition.

Fad diets or drastic dieting should be avoided as they may harm your health and your ability to model successfully. Medical advice should be sought if drastic dieting is beginning to affect your health and well being.

To eat healthily, try to buy organic produce and avoid junk food or foods high in sugar or refined flour. Eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and use juicers or fruit smoothies to help achieve this target. Increase the amount of raw vegetables, fruit and food in your diet and when cooking, try to grill or steam vegetables and lean meat. Avoid fizzy sugary drinks, tinned and processed food as well as foods rich in salt, sugar, fats, chemicals and preservatives. Drink regular amounts of water to hydrate and detox your body and cut down on tea, coffee and alcohol. Finally avoid or replace red meat with lean white meat such as fish and chicken.

A healthy exercise regime will do wonders for a model's looks, skin, stamina and confidence. It is important to look after the body as well as the mind. Choose an exercise program or programs which you can enjoy and maintain over a long period of time. The choice is endless and includes yoga, swimming, cycling, running, walking, aerobics, pilates, dancing, martial arts, gym workouts and various sporting activities. To balance this and your daily life, calm the mind and body with relaxation, meditation and regular sleep.