Glamour Model

The world of glamour models has changed rapidly over the past few decades as nudity has become more mainstream and acceptable. Today, glamour models cover a broad area from lads magazines such as FHM & Loaded to sophisticated advertising campaigns. Some companies still use glamour and fashion models for promoting their company through calendars and marketing campaigns of which the Pirelli calendar is one of the most famous and well known.

Magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse are world famous and many glamour models who have appeared in such magazines have become famous and celebrities in their own right.

The physical requirements for a glamour model are not as restrictive as for fashion models with many glamour models being shorter and having fuller figures in general. Female models must have good skin and a firm body with firm breasts. Male models must also have good skin and have a firm muscular physique.

Some areas of glamour modelling still have an air of seediness with some photographers taking advantage of or exploiting models. It is therefore essential when starting out as a glamour model to only approach reputable model agencies. Do some research before submitting photographs to the agency.