First Steps in Modelling

Being a fashion model is often portrayed as a glamorous life style with supermodels earning millions, living a jet set life and mingling with film stars and celebrities. This may be the case for supermodels but for the vast majority of working models, reality is very different.

Before going any further, you have to ask yourself if modelling is the right career choice you for and will you be able to handle all the pressures and uncertainties a modelling career can throw at you. Will you be able to handle the lack of a regular income, infrequent bookings, the fierce competition, the insecure life style and the constant criticisms.

On the other hand, if you are highly ambitious, competitive and feel that you can handle the pressures involved, working in one or more areas of modelling may be suitable. A second income through a part time job may also be needed to copy with the lean times.

If you feel you have the right look, can meet the height requirements and possess the qualities to be a model, the next step is to find a reputable model agency. Some larger model agencies can be appear to be intimidating and therefore you may feel more confident in phoning a smaller agency for an appointment or you can send in a few snapshots of yourself to get things going.

If the model agency believes you have potential, they will call you in for an interview. Like any job interview, take the time to prepare and approach the interview in a professional manner. Rejections are common but if this happens, learn from the experience and take on board the reasons given which may relate to physical attributes or your look may not be in demand at the present time.

Once you have been accepted by a model agency, you can discuss financial and working arrangements. Most new models are put on the new faces board and have to go for regular test shoots with photographers. For smaller agencies, the model may have to pay for tests and prints for her portfolio or book. It may be another three to six months before the new model ends up on the agency's main board.