How to become a fashion model.

The world of fashion modelling is highly competitive and the demand for a model's looks changes as rapidly as the season's fashions. On top of this, a successful model must have that indefinable extra quality which separates him or her from the multitude of model hopefuls knocking on model agency doors every day.

In today's world, a model must be versatile and be able to change with the times. Also supermodels have elevated the fashion model to celebrity status and many girls and women now aspire to become a supermodel. It must be remembered however that supermodels only represent a small fraction of working models

Although physical requirements may vary between some model agencies, generally girls should be around 5 feet 8 inches or above and men must be around 6 feet to 6 feet 2 inches. There are always exceptions to the rule such as Kate Moss who is under 5 feet 8 inches tall.

To be a successful fashion model will take more than just good looks. If you feel that you will be able to cope with the stresses and strains of a modelling career and have the drive and determination to succeed in the fashion world, contact some reputable agencies by phone or send in some snapshots to arrange an interview. As always be aware that the competition for places is fierce and rejections are common.