Family Models

Family models are often used by advertising agencies, magazines, catalogues and other sectors to promote products and services. We are all familiar with adverts showing happy families eating cereals or using the latest house cleaning products. Family modelling is ideal for advertisers as a real family is more believable visually and in their interaction than a selection of unrelated models brought together for an advertising campaign.

Obviously family modelling will not be as lucrative as fashion modelling but it will help to provide a second income for suitable families who have the time, energy and commitment to pursue a modelling career. Families in demand cover all ages, races and

backgrounds. Children can range from babies to teens and parents ranging from those in their twenties to those in their fifties may be considered by model agencies specialising in family modelling.

Like other modelling areas, a family should submit photographs of themselves to a reputable and relevant model agency. If the family is suitable, the model agency will arrange an interview and test shoots, photo shoots and assignments may follow if the family is successful.