Become a Model

Like any profession, to become a successful model in fashion, glamour, child or family modelling, will take consistent hard work and a professional approach. Although having good looks and that indefinable something will take you so far, to succeed long term requires true grit and determination, being professional at all times and having the right attitude. Having an air of confidence without being arrogant and having a sparkling personality will also help in front of the camera as well as in working with stylists, bookers, designers, model agency staff and other people behind the scenes.

In terms of being professional, it is important to prepare for assignments by planning the route and gathering any clothes and accessories in advance. Being punctual is essential as any modelling assignment is a team effort where the photographer,

stylist, make up artist and others are working to a tight schedule and deadline. Delays cost money and clients and photographers will think twice about using you on an assignment if you are consistently late.

Success in modelling (fashion models in particlular) can easily lead to huge egos, excess partying and losing grip on reality. Although being a model should be fun, it is also important to remain detached from its excesses and keep it in perspective by balancing modelling with other work, education, family commitments and maintaining old friendships.