Model UK

Modelling is a vast industry. Supermodels only represent a small fraction of models and modelling jobs but they do attract the most publicity. Many girls and women dream of becoming a successful top model but like other creative fields such as acting and singing, the competition for model places is fierce and disappointments are many.

Fortunately, the world of modelling is vast and there are opportunities for everyone regardless of age, sex, height, weight, race or skill set. Modelling jobs cover a variety of fields including fashion, glamour, character, children, family and the list goes on. Most magazines, books, television commercials and other media related fields all require models based on their own particular needs.

However becoming a model is not an easy option based on looks alone. To become a successful model will require a professional attitude, commitment, determination, hard work and a good working relationship with their model agency. aims to provide an overview of the world of modelling as a starting point for anyone considering becoming a model or a new model requiring advice and information on starting out, model types, model agencies, health, beauty and exercise. Further information about specific areas of modelling will be available from the modelling books section which will be added at a later date.